You are traveling merchants who have recently made port in the city of Lucis a mountain side sea faring city that until recently was booming with profit. It is a city that still relies on trade to survive but recently closed its’ doors to outsiders. You have been locked in and are not being allowed to leave. The guards knock the party members unconscious; when everyone wakes their weapons and items have gone missing. You have nothing just like the commoners who are running out of what little supplies they have. The gangs extort what they can from the people and the only merchant. The town’s folk are loosing hope and are EXTREMELY ANGRY! They blame the nobles for whats happening but they haven’t been seen in public since the lock in. No one really knows what the hell is going on. They beg the guards to open the gates but those who oppose them are met with a nice vacation to the dungeon, and are never released. The party must decide what to do. The commoners can’t take much more and they will revolt soon. There are many clues within the city its’ up to the party to work together and find out whats happening and break the grip the nobles have on the town. Good luck and have fun!

Reckys Camaign